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Blue skies, freshly ground coffee and lots of cake

It’s been so great seeing lots of familiar faces over the past week enjoying the wonderful blues skies in our garden. We have plenty of extra seating, and with cakes galore, Voyager coffee and plenty of other tasty morsels, we’ve seen a steady stream of people enjoying the lovely space we have at Bayards Kitchen.

The incessant wind has been slightly annoying, and as we’ve grappled with our depleting mood, we thought we’d look up the affects of a breeze that never seems to abate.

Did you know that in Provence, where the Mistral winds can sometimes blow for days on end, in mitigating circumstances, the wind can be used in defence in a murder trails? That’s because wind has been proven to drive you mad!

We’re not quite mad yet here at Bayards Kitchen, but it does explain why the wind is so annoyng, especially when this glorious weather should only serve to brighten our mood.

This month is on course to be one the driest Aprils on record with the UK seeing just 18% of its average rainfall. We hope that once it starts raining it doesn’t continue for the rest of the year!

In other news, the Shops at Dartington has had a re-brand and is now known as The Cider Press Centre, a name which harks back to yesteryear, and one that we’re sure South Hams locals will be delighted about.

We’re open everyday from 9.30am until 4.30pm and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

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